Shibeon Barkmont Inc

Welcome! to Shibeon Barkmont Inc. The future is now.

First off I would like to say welcome. Getting to this site is the first step. If you are totally new and do not know what Cryptocurrency is check out Cryptocurrecny and you! If you are excited to start mining check out how to set up with my mining guide. Maybe you want to start investing check out my investing guide. If you are confused check out my Help/FAQ.

Here at Shibeon Barkmont inc our goal is to spread the good word of cryptocurrency. Get it in the hands of every day people. It is already making waves. You can buy things with them or tip people on certain sites. Check out the list of awesome things you can do with cryptocurrency. This is still very new. No one really knows what is going to happen. I will keep you well informed about everything. I want the world to know about it but first off I want you to know about it. I will be constantly updating the site and adding features to help you better know and access cryptocurrency.

Please join me in this journey. This is a leap of faith, take the jump. You do not want to be the one standing on the sidelines while everyone else is playing the game. Invest small if you want. The currency is worth fractions of a cent. What do you have to lose? Throw in 5 dollars and check it in a couple weeks, months, years see if your investment grew or fell. This is a great time to get involved with very little to no upfront cost.

I would also like to mention if you know any business owners or people who run online shops you should ask them if they would consider accepting Bitcoin, litecoin and Ðoge coin. It will open them up to a whole new market and help spread the word. I have access to many people who would love to help them get set up. Together we can go to the moon!